[C&C Generals Zero Hour] Custom mission: Mission 'Icy Spark'

A fun short mission created by vocux. For some reason no victory screen was shown even after I destroyed every GLA building and unit on the map. Download …

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  • cncHD:

    Well played, General! I´m glad I´m not the only Player to whom this mission bugged out to at the end

  • Lich Pederson:

    Very good

  • Golden Man:

    You had to do something with jarmen kell and protecting your slow army with mobile units, like helicopters or migs, it was real pain to watch overlords dying one by one from minor enemy groups.

  • wen chang:

    You would like to rescue the three mini gunner, three tank hunters, and a hacker at the POW camp near the cold fusion reactor. They may help u a lot. (The last battle with GLA base can be finished with the six armed soldiers, just destroy the unbuild GLA buildings and kill the workers before the base is set up)
    BTW, really nice play

  • Mark Ashzemere Coma:

    no victory showing? becouse he did not set up the victory

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