[C&C Zero Hour] China Mission 3 – Hard – BEST WAY TO BEAT IT

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  • DCProductions77:

    Okay i tried this way and the author who makes this videos is super fast at clicking and is able to do things like spread troops that i have never done. The best way I have only beat it, it keep spamming soldiers and go up the right side quickly. Blow up as many camo nets as you can to reduce them in the way and clear a path early to all 4 of them. That way if you have to battle any scuds its just scuds. Then go on the right side and take over the two tank factories. And start spamming out toxin tanks so you can get rid of the people in the buildings. The most important part is just simply stop the uprisings. with more troops. He is right about they will chase certain individuals and i did build battle masters. I just can't click fast enough to beat this way.

  • interpart56:

    Love this video, thank you! And it's really good to read that other players also have problems with this mission 😀

  • František Kraus:

    Finally, I completed this mission on hard after many years, since I played it for the first time, it was a nightmare. Thank you cncHD!

  • Chemicgen1:

    Sounds like Dr. Richtofen playing the game xD

  • Youssef Mostafa:

    too many infantry is very very strong it is an amazing stragegy
    i used red guards and battlemasters but scud launcher kill them all in one hit

  • Ahmet Günay:

    Difficulty: Ubersuperhardtrollcore.

    I used to have all gold medals before, i really wonder how i won this thing back then. Took like 6-8 tries to make it this time… Btw i found that after destroying the statue in GLA base its much easier to rush ones to the right of the map with redguard/tank hunter from the barracks in the starting base.

  • Project: Heart Of The Cards:

    I need this because I'm starting to develop cancer from this annoying mission…

    Edit: I forgot pretty much all other mission in this game but this specific mission remains intact in my brain.
    I think I just got lucky to finish it back then…

  • yver nyle emanuel gawcua:

    You call them fools
    In a mission on gla 3 my dudes would pick the wrong path and lots of them died so I called them simpletons I'm not joking I was angry

  • yver nyle emanuel gawcua:

    Im watching this 15 minutes ago me raging on my computer then offing it and then watching this

  • DetectiveLevi:

    Fuck this mission

  • IDM112:

    Finally beat it on Hard using a similar tactic. First train about 30 rocket soliders and 10-15 Red Guard, then take out the stingers immediately north of your base, and the GLA tunnel on the left. Destroy the statue there and any patrolling units in the area, then move up the left and take out the second tunnel up on the left. Then move up and take out the base defenses near the water pump station, then capture the arms dealers at the north west. Immediately build 3-4 toxic tractors and use them to empty the garrisoned buldings on the right surrounding the statue, then destroy the statue (I had to keep loading and trying this as I kept running out of time, I eventually did it with about 5 seconds to spare). When that was done I built about 20 battlemasters, move them east and destroy the stingers there and the next statue, then build about 15 quad cannons from the captured arms dealers, send them to eliminate the two arms dealers just south of the bridge, then move in and rush the final two statues with what's left of the quad cannons, infantry and battlemasters.

  • Kambolien _Area_63:

    What button that commands the selected units to diverse?

  • tomas el:

    Of the 3 campaigns
    In my opinion this is the hardest mission

  • SuperScorb:

    could beat the mission on hard this way… thank you

  • DCProductions77:

    The only thing close to this is the one in generals with the chinese where you can't go about 5,000 dollars or they nuke you and the gla is relentless in that, i think they must have a true hatred for the chinese

  • yuen shan Au:

    how to destroy the buildings?

  • wan nasuha:

    This is the mission where you smash your PC over frustration after countless time of trials…

  • Trilly Fan:

    after taking GLA structures, you can build terrorist motor to quickly destroy all remain statues, only 1 motor and the statue will fall

  • Edgar Louis de Gracia:

    What made this mission just absolute cancer is they handicapped your tech tree. Inferno cannons or just MiGs would be enough

  • L337 SKy:

    HOLYSHIT what didn't know that you can wait it out and that the International Opinion is slower wow I'm amazed, and yes I'm playing it in 2020 because nostalgia my friends

  • El Cabo:

    Thank you so much!

  • phil7319:

    finally made it, thank you so much

  • TrueRedPanda:

    Fuck this mission, I tried your way, it didn't work out for me, I am frustrated, I tried your way many times, still get wrecked every time… It wasn't a total waste tough, I got some more inside on the mission thanks for the vid, it was fun watching 😊

  • KFC Junior:

    It’s easy enough one easy but even then it’s annoying as hell.

  • Александра Назарова:

    отрезал от поставок юнитов, красава

  • Mike Reed:

    he's not actually being attacked…. this can't be hard mode

  • Rajendra amberkar:

    14.29 red ant attack.

  • eliee:

    This mission is cancer as FUCK

  • WW2 Solitaire Board Game Channel:

    I hate this mission so much

  • Eduarlens Skaters:

    Toma tu buen like me salvaste

  • Shadowscall775:

    So, I was doing your strategy and unfortunately, my guys just did not seem to be getting like yours. However, I found something else that works well if you can only capture a GLA barracks and arms dealer and not the palace. Mass (10 or so) terrorists on bikes. One of them will get through and it only takes one to destroy the statue.

  • EndLessDream:

    general fai likes this video

  • rushdi ahmad:

    Are you sure this is hard??? Most likely it's medium , in the hard level you hardly could amassed such amount of money and build any substantial amount of tank before it could get destroyed by scud let alone taking possession of oil rig and refinery not to mention the pesky rocket buggy (hit&run tactics) causing considerable damage to your whatever it is you're building , from this video you upload I think to you had it easy..

  • Andrew M:

    Dude, fucking thank you. I used your exact strategy and finally beat this mission. It was a lot closer for me (just as I was capturing the gla center I realized I lost my entire chinese base), but it worked. Thought this mission was gonna be impossible for me

  • Toppe 57:

    yeyyyy! i did it i completed this mission and all chinese campaign! thank you for your help. 🙂 😉

  • Toppe 57:

    Hey cncHD, i love your command and conquer vids, i will try this mission again, 1st attempt is a failure, i'll try in second attempt, i build infantry as fast as i can, my skills on this game is so fast, but yours was super fast. thnx for your help. im still playing this year 🙂

  • Talha Rashid:

    your playing this at easy mode, try hard u just cant defeat it

  • A dead Soul.:

    I really love to watch your videos.
    It's really nice, you try to help people.
    People has to respect you more for that though.
    I'm not skilled at hard mode. (*besides the usa laser general, i smh can do nearly anything with that.*)
    But i love the fact to see others being helped and seeing how you try to help others.
    And how good your tutorials are.

    You are one of my favorite youtubers! 😀

    A question?
    Do you got any medium difficulty usa laser missions?
    Or maybe hard missions that starts with 50k and usa laser?
    Kinda like a skirmish vs with usa laser?

  • A dead Soul.:

    "Haha Fuck you gla i got rocket buggies and you have not"
    Forgots the fact that gla had like 3 rocket buggies aswell

    Love it.
    I fucking love this guy <3
    No homo

  • whelkshuffler:

    how come you have that much "opinion" you have 26 and i have 17 and nothing taken yet?

  • Konstantin S.:

    This mission is so infuriating on hard, it made me rage. I tried countless times with several strategies but always failed.
    Thanks a lot for this guide, I was finally able to beat this mission on hard now.

    IMO this mission is even more annoying than the General Alexander and Leang Commander Challenges on Hard…. if you dont know about this trick with the infantry spam vs the northern base

  • Alfauz D.:

    how do you clutter your units?

  • Efren Jucoy:

    Man thanks to this guide i was able to finish this shitty mission. Damn. I cant thank you enough for this

    This game is still the cat's ass despite being a decade old

  • tamer yuosef:

    How she did it was really very difficult

  • Bryn Harper:

    The easiest and only method to quickly beat this mission. TY cncHD

  • Nouvel Regpala:

    Annoying SCUD Launcher and Rocket Buggies. Fuck!

  • Rzee Zed:

    U save me bro ahahah

  • Ritvars Bērziņš:

    i hate this mission so much, jesus

  • arvin doh:

    Tried it like 50 times but still cant pull it off

  • arvin doh:

    It's really hard

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