[C&C Zero Hour] – Probably the hardest Mission ever – GLA Campaign #01

This campaign has been created by Orcanos It´s the first Mission of his GLA Campaign Your can download the map here: …

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  • choosumfat:

    that was freaking brutal

  • videonaj:

    wouldn't it have been advantageous to set up a lot of stinger sights and then disrupt and destroy their money drop zones using the the van radar to locate and then use the instant solider spawn? I guess my play style is to set up a super strong defence before launching attacks. Let them come to you with big semi circle defences as they did to you. Also the buildings at the start couldn't they be used for rocket launcher men and repaired by the workers? Just some thoughts.

  • Agent Meow Meow:

    If only the waves had pardins the mission would of been better and harder and much more fun

  • Williebrort:

    O wow, for me the first was easy, but the other 4 in the list are a bit more difficult for me.
    EDIT: more difficult (I mean, nearly impossible)

  • Taj Rad:

    The best of the best

  • Tao Chen:

    should have invested s&d and supply drop zone earlier.

  • Telefonziege:

    this was fun to watch. too bad that i lost my external hdd years ago. i used to create extremly challenging sp mission for myself back then, they would have been great for you 🙁

  • Kai Wehnert:

    schlechter spieler viel zu oft den spizalisten verloren nimmt panzer ein ob wohl seine verluste höher sind . da spielt mein meine komplette fam besser selbst mein 10jähriger bruder.

  • Alireza Rezaei:

    Is it Vanilla?Why i don't remember such mission?
    Its from generals or generals zero hour?

  • CNC Domination:

    Great mission but kinda too long play.

  • nikhil thomas:

    How do I play this ?I already have zero hour.

  • TotalDramaGamer:

    I'm not saying it would be super effective, but having a few angry mobs with AKs probably would help with tank spam (or at least to defend the south side). Not great as a main unit, but certainly good as high damage defense.

  • Generals G:

    LOVE THIS GAME! You did a good tactics,, what can you say about mine?

  • Chocolat-kun:

    Should have started grabbing avengers first for anti air and anti missile

  • Miku Kohinata:

    It’s hard on vanilla, but if you play it on several mods such as reborn or shockwave, it’s either will become easy or not.

  • MarkofWisdom:

    it was amusing seeing that one crusader tank that got sniped in the second attempt block the path for so many infantry and vehicles. This just looks like is isn't fun to do-the tech and unit restrictions just make it obnoxious, similar to that China mission 3 where you have to destroy all the statues on a time limit while being extremely limited in what the game allows you to use

    jarmen kell was definitely MVP for the first half-3/4 of the map. It's kind of amusing-right before you started putting up a few supply drop zones I was thinking-you know, even though he can't build the GLA secondary economy, he can build the USA secondary economy from the dozers he swiped

  • Muhammad nur al hafiz:

    Scorpion tank: scorpion tank
    Get attacked
    Scorpion tank:fast you
    Thrax:blue laser and barrel

  • Xavier Edwards:

    Sucks that you can't get at least the SCUD launcher or rocket buggy. Totally would have opened the door against those missile base defenses and simply helped overall.

  • Timeat you:

    It was a draw. You lost (surrendered) the first time, and then you beaten it. 1-1 🙂

  • kurzel131:

    Constant action.

  • ahmed mohammed:

    Its not very hard compared to USA&China Al on GLA “you” and they keep spamming tanks,dragon tanks,tomahawk missiles,paladin tanks and mig aircraft

  • Shay Patrick Cormac:

    It was easy on Easy and Medium difficulty but in hard, I was forced to use the big guns…. CHEAT ENGINE

  • Sokol Isufaj:

    Excuse for my ignorance. I have downloaded the map but i don`t know what i have to do. Can someone help me please? Thanks in advance.

  • 高浩博:

    I think when you have more than 10000 money, it means you need to train many units. I think if you get two barracks and train more troopers, maybe this mission is much easier. There is a bridge that will send more enemies, so maybe destroy the bridge at first? By playing Red Alert 2 Mod Mental Omega, I think maybe this mission will have a better solution. It's just my opinion, and I like your channel!

  • Alem Lkr:

    Interesting map, terrible gameplay, wasted time. 😬

  • Lisa Lisa:

    if only u were not so idiot
    u could garisoned building with infs instead of destroying them
    u also send ur trops entered every enemy tanks u killed by jarmen kell

  • cAmRy EGY:

    how can i get the map ?

  • i.Xperto YT:

    I never seen many neutral vehicles lol

  • Xio Wei:

    Intense mission

  • 9eCn3:

    That was exhausting! I think the first USA bases are too close to the starting position and the GLA player should be given either artillery or black markets. Otherwise this mission is too hard.

  • Newgate - Zero Hour:

    It's a nice looking map, but after about 10 tries I got nowhere pretty quickly. Well played cncHD! That's how it's done!
    However, if you think this one was the hardest mission, I'd love to see what you think of GLA 2!

    Man though, 1 hour on such a small map! Would have been fun to hear your commentary.

  • obmf desertfox:

    This mission looks insane! Wish we could have herd the commentary. But none the less I love custom missions.

  • Omar Alshishani:

    LOVED it. Brings back a lot of memory.
    I just wish they make a remaster of this Legendary game

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