USA VS 2 GLA – Command And Conquer Generals: Zero Hour

Mods used in this video: Modified min and max zoom: …

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  • Adam:

    is this game playable on win 8.1? where to get it?

  • Ynosh Tuvilla:

    I wish i had a pc haha

  • عبدالرزاق علي:

    احلا لعبي

  • Ariel Batyrov:

    How the hell do I get certain mods.. and for some reason I can’t even zoom out the he does

  • Rolando Palma:

    How to play

  • Quite Lazy:

    This video was beautiful to watch.

  • Cambaz:

    Which generals zero hour versions

  • Maddy Muhat:

    Hi, what version of ZH is this? Is this deluxe edition? Thanks


    good playing , but u did have problems like dint upgrade your supply route , ambulance for get rid of the GLA toxic shell , more missle defences for the opponent armor, get drones for fixing you paladin tanks and other armor at early game time. pathfinders snip the enemy infantry and rocket troops while tanks defend your pathfinder ,can deploy 3 rocket troops and 2 infantry into HMMWV for help your paladins againsts armor at defence and attack forces. chopper march with land units to prevent more loses at attack and defence. u also can deploy troops at the town building for decrease enemy attack force ( depend on the map or player strategy) and by the way , upgrade the technology at airbase , factory , barracks, and technology center for helping increase your forces fp and capture resources building. u also can build 8- 10 tomahack missle launcher to get rid GLA defence lines to decrease damage to your attack forces ,when attack use chopper ( if more is better)and pathfinder get rid of enemy tanks and infantry, retreat to tanks when have rocket troops and AA vehichles

  • Pede Santianes:

    Upgrade your troops

  • Kara bo:

    I love this game I played this alot

  • Yeriko Stefanus:

    where is Colonel Burton Sir? is him on vacation 😀

  • Yandree Oduber:

    There is a place were still have player to play multiplayer???

  • Dave Curnv:

    destroy the black market and economy building's dumbass instead u destroying barracks and stufff

  • Sergej Nisic:

    this takes me back

  • Mike Toleno:

    It seems you were playing under some strange self-limitations. You used no ambulances in defense or attack; they would have been helpful not only for healing but also to counter the toxin shells that kept killing your Paladins. You had no Pathfinders in your attack force (EDIT: I see that you had at least one in a HMMWV in the rear at some point) and didn't have any sniping the incoming attackers from the sides from safe positions. You didn't get the supply routes upgrade. You used few (or zero?) missile defenders on defense in your defense structures, which would have been great against all that armor. Having said this, I'm sure you are a much better player than I am (I'm very slow with clicking and multitasking). Still, I enjoy your videos!

  • Mikkel Norgrav:

    what did you set you MaxHeight and MinHeight too?

  • mikkel Norgrav:

    Hey. its says i need to have direct 8.1 to play, after i added the GameData to the folder..
    what do i do??

  • th3m0nit0r:

    I didn't realise how much I missed this game.. You've made me reconsider getting back to PC! :p

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