*WOW INSANE GAME* ExCaL (China) vs Hawky (Infantry) – Generals Zero Hour Replay Cast

WOW INSANE GAME* ExCaL (China) vs Hawky (Infantry) – Generals Zero Hour Replay Cast DONATIONS (messages appear on screen during livestreams): …

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  • Wrath_of_Munster:

    Absolutely amazing

  • Dari Carlisle:

    Super high level game. I wonder what other mirrors provide this type of action. Great cast.

  • Einstein's Apples:

    GG, maybe something Excal could have done better is placing just one outpost and gat in between his three nukes.

  • jhmvr:

    I think Excal should've looked for the hackers sooner, he had the bottom right corner left to check for them. He was destroying a lot of buildings but they kept being rebuilt so I think he should notice that and notice that Hawky must have had a lot of hackers to keep rebuilding so much stuff. So change to search/kill hackers then go back to destroying the base and Hawky has no money to rebuild.

  • Paweł Konop:

    Domi, is there a possibility to record the duel between players with boss dozers and boss cc? Please my eyes need to see this, greetings from Poland :DD

  • Rick BHI:

    Cool game. Both players showing great skill and going max at each other. Really exciting. I think with Hawky the seemingly underdog in the first half, you start rooting for him when he comes back. Thanks for casting too, great commentary!

  • arosa:

    i watched it since like 1 week,it was excal game but he lost cause of mass sw spam :p they werent that useful

  • Erwiin:

    That was really good!

  • That OneGuy:

    Woo lobe these

  • -Primitive-:

    I think in second half of game,when hawky didnt have too much ground units, sending 2-3 gatLixes to search for hackers would be good idea by Excal. If at least one survives mig attacks, could be able to basically execute all hackers in south area..better than sending migs in suicide runs without even reaching hackers…plus put gat tanks in lix plus lotus and drop them all together…but maybe its hard to pull out

  • tassadar taldarim:

    Would one helix with gat have been a good thing to make for excal in order to hunt hackers?

  • Carambal81:

    @19:51, Making all hackers invisible for all China generals would indeed be a welcome balance update. But it would also be nice if you can put hackers to work inside of a bunker or building. You will lose the stealth ability, but the enemy can't see which units are inside of a bunker or building anyway. And you can mix up different kind of units as well to protect them even better.

  • Mart Smart:

    I don't understand why you call this insane game if some noob mistakes were made by Excal. If you play as China vs Inf it's pretty clear that enemy Lotus gonna be a big problem. Why not just to make a couple of outposts scanning-covering your CC, airfield nuke area or to put them next to entrances even without th? Is it perfect play by Excal? Lost 2 nukes, airfield with migs, CC so ez because of enemy Lotus. Don't think so. Btw Hawky was not so good to win.

  • I am not:

    Domi, for the longest time now I was looking for that match of the picture you had hung on the wall when you had only like 5 apache helicopters to fight with it was an insane game. If anyone has it please link me

  • Mesut Ahmedi:

    caughts the migs with their pants down? xD

  • matthew downey:

    Man some of these games are incredible!

  • Kam Sai:

    Hawky is a survivalist

  • Ezio De La Firenze:

    What a game. Excal pressure was real. Hawkies decision to refuse that cc and move last dozer was genious.

  • IOS-APK:

    Its was a one sided match

  • NetherMaster77:

    Vchina hackers aren't invisible because they are not protecting their online data from the government. However, Inf hackers are using today's sponsor ExpressVPN to keep their information and location safe thanks to military grade inscription. Use Code: Inf for 0% off your first purchase.

  • Praying Dantist:

    Wow Dom! This was a super good game… These are the type of games that make Zero Hour one of the best games of all time. It will never get old. This game will be legendary.

  • wakida bidgekw:

    You sound like Donald Trump 🤷‍♂️

  • Erdi Taspunar:

    lately im seeing Excal everywhere guy is not a old legendary he is also legendary of present he is pooping

  • 9eCn3:

    Hey man, any chance of casting the recent Boycah/Size AFG mirror? I forget the map (big green one, lol) but it was a super hectic and close game. Cheers!

  • FLuffle Pillow:


  • Amjad Abk:

    Excal to ztrong doe

  • vdu hsf:

    I'm the first viewer😀

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